Posted by Anonymous on Sat 2nd Nov 23:22
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  1. Someone brought more @EmeraldCityJazz aka Lora Lusher idiocy to my attention here where she states the following:
  3. ž@EmeraldCityJazz 31 Oct @Brand0nCrism0n #Captien_O <---- Claims he wasn't suspended and we're LYING LIARS WHO TELL LIES!! But just look him up: suspended
  5. ž@EmeraldCityJazz 31 Oct  @Brand0nCrism0n @Captien_Obvious <--- got suspended and opened a new account in the meantime: Captien_o Still stupid, still boasting.
  7. No Lora, you are the stupid one. Maybe if you actually learned how to use Google and some brains, you would realize what all of the rest of us know as the facts of the situation:
  8. 1.      If @Captien_O were a brand new account, it would not
  9. a.      have the EXACT SAME FOLLOWERS.
  10. b.      be following all of the EXACT SAME PEOPLE.
  11. c.      not have ALL OF THE EXACT SAME PRIOR TWEETS ON IT’S TIMELINE going back to MARCH 2013 like this one  Note the handle BullyVille uses to address Captain Obvious is the old handle he was using at the time of @Captien_Obvious – yet the icon and name are the same as the current @Captien_O.  This is because when you change your user name, Twitter changes it on all of your old tweets (not in the body of the tweet itself but the header of any tweet you tweeted)
  12. 2.      It is easy to change your Twitter account name/handle.  Simply go to “Settings”, “Account”, and change the account name.  Don’t believe me, go try it yourself.  Better yet, ask your little buddy @Ruby_Daay since they used to do it all the time.
  13. 3.      Changing the account name however, does NOT change the underlying account number.  Twitter assigns a unique account number to each account. This account # does not change even if the user changes their account name/handle
  14. 4.      Anyone can go to this website and type in the twitter name and it will return the Twitter account #  This is how we were able to track the @Ruby_Daay account back through prior names.
  15. 5.      Account numbers are assigned sequentially. The lower the number the older the user account.  The account # for @Captien_O is   30292596
  16. 6.      The account number for the new fake suspended account of @Captien_Obvious is 1063717826 – meaning it was created exactly 1033425230 account instances AFTER the current @Captien_O account
  17. 7.      If @Captien_O were the newer account, the account # would be higher NOT the other way around.  For example, you Lora as @EmeraldCityJazz, have been on Twitter longer than Captain Obvious and your account # is 26573329 which is a lower # than that of Captain Obvious showing that you joined Twitter much earlier.
  19. So Lora I’m not going to call you a liar on this one because I think you truly believed what you said which just demonstrates that both you and Tami are incredibly stupid. You both might want to learn how to use Google to look these things up before you open your mouths and look even more foolish than you already do.

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